How To Smudge or Bless Your Home

smudge stick and shellThere are many reasons for smudging including:

Deep cleansing of your home 

Ceremony and rites of passage

Banishing unwanted entities

Preparing space for intentional work

Clearing negative energies and illness from an area

The follow can be performed by one or many. It is my personal favorite for a housewarming party. Gather those you love and allow them to assist with banishing and blessing. The effects can be felt for years to come.

Deep Cleansing Smudge or House Blessing

Begin at an entrance to the home. Heading counterclockwise, walk in a full circle along the interior walls of the house. As you proceed, waft the smoke from your herbs* into the rooms, paying special attention to corners and thresholds. Create a cacophonous noise with your instruments and bells as you go along. Verbalize statements of banishment such as: “Out with all illness!” “I banish negativity!” “Demons be gone!” “No arguments, temper flare ups, or miscommunications!” “If you do not love me you must go!” “If you are not working in my best interest you cannot stay here!” “Hate and anger do not dwell here!” “Remove delusion, dementia, and depression!” When you return to your starting point make a powerful closing declaration such as: “So mote it be!” “Amen!” “Make it so!”

Turn heading clockwise and retrace your steps wafting the herbs* as before. This time play a melodious tune with your instruments and make joyful music. Verbalize statements of invitation such as: “Welcome hope and happiness!” “Love, light, and laughter fill this home!” “Health, wealth, and prosperity dwell here!” “Guardian angels share our dwelling!” “Safety and security surround us!” “Protection for all who gather here!” “Clear communication!” “Clarity of thought!” “Peace!” “Comfort!” Compassion!” “Understanding!” “Great sex!” “Creativity!”

When you return to your starting point once again make a powerful closing declaration such as: “Blessed be!” “Amen!” “Thanks be to all!”

Now leave through that same entrance and do not reenter the house for at least 13 minutes. Once you return to the home it should feel different. The atmosphere and environment should feel lighter and more pleasant. If not, begin again.

*See Herbs for Smudging Guide (coming soon)

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