Pandemic Years (a tarot overview)

2020 was the Year of the Emperor. In the Emperor year we addressed our big picture plans: where do we live? how do we live? who’s allowed in our lives? how do we make our money? who are our mates? what are our boundaries? This was, of course, our first year of COVID and lock-down.

2021 was the Year of the Hierophant. During our hierophant year, we began to examine our rules of community. What does society look like now? How do we engage with groups? Our concerns were regarding family, marriage, tradition, religion, and how the game of life is played. We felt our ancestors close by as we looked to them for guidance.

2022 is the Year of the Lovers. In this third year of the pandemic, we begin to address our personal relationships and issues. Our focus will shift from the big picture to finding balance in each day. Every morning we will need to hit our reset button and start anew. The key to this balance in our daily lives and relationships lies in sharing. We’ll need to ask ourselves if we are oversharing, under sharing, or right on point.

Keywords for 2022:

  • Relationships
  • Partnership
  • Balance
  • Peak Experience
  • Sharing
  • Equability


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